Wednesday, June 4, 2008



Most of the athletes are already here and training every day.

The Blue Hole is packed with pale Nordic freedivers, buoys, funky monofins, colorful wetsuits, and a big group of very confused Russian freedivers.

While all this happens at depth, on the surface the snorkeler's army coming daily from Sharm el Sheikh, formed mainly by brave and courageous Italians, who are fighting for their life, drowning in their life jackets, crashing in our buoys, stepping on the corals, screaming in their snorkels, kicking our heads with their sandals, walking on the shore with their fins on, showing the cellulite collected during a winter of lasagna and pizza, drifting away taken by the current, all this just in the hope of seeing some colorful fish, which they won't even see, because their masks are so totally fogged, and they don't have a clue how to clear them!

Anyways, careless of this dangerous environment, the freedivers keep training, sun tanning, eating Egyptian breakfast, and feeding the animals living at the Aqua Marina restaurant.

Today Rahel learnt how to do a mouthfill, el hamdullillah (thanks God), because she was being a big pain on everybody's butt with all her swallowing sad stories.
And Sofus learnt what the soft palate is, and everybody was making faces trying to move it, looking very stupid, and burping up their falafel.
On another table Anna was telling tales of equalizing with a noseclip, and how vital is not to swallow in your stomach, if you don't want to get these massive burps on the way up. By the way, i heard that if you burp in the judge face in the middle of the surface protocol you might get disqualified!!
Rob is the only one not causing any trouble, always being calm and nice, and too polite with everybody, especially with who doesn't deserve it!
For the moment nobody seemed to have touched the bottom of the Blue Hole on a single breath, except some of the snorkelers that perished during their incursions at our buoys.

During the afternoons everybody is getting very lazy, and have long naps. Not Natalia Molchanova, who is still in Blue Hole doing who knows what. We need to send some spies and investigate.

In the evenings the meeting point for dinner is of course the Funny Mummy restaurant, where everybody tries to have some healthy food, except Martin, who is eating like a pig, and has 3 apple crumbles with vanilla ice cream for dessert. He thinks all this ice creams is good for his equalizing problems, and he won't listen to anybody contradicting him.

Here's the list of the athletes:
Vedrana Vidovic -Croatia

Tomo Vrdoljak-Croatia
Jakov Kastelan-Croatia
Veljano Zanki-Croatia
Richard Wonka-Germany
Rob King-USA
Ben Noble-Australia
Sofus Kreutzmann-Denmark
Martin Wikstrom -Sweden
Karla Fabrio-Croatia
Slaven Cubric-Croatia
Anna Von Boetticher-Germany
Livvy Philips-UK
Georgina Miller-UK
Ben Guyat-UK
Ingela Karlsson-Finland
Natalia Molchanova-Russia
Ashod Papazian-Egypt
Rahel Zemoi-Eritrea
Mario Albuquerque-Portugal
Mafalda Oliviera-Portugal
Angela Ambrosi-Italy
Andrea Zuccari-Italy
Alma ? -Russia
Yuri Shmatko-Russia
Olga Suryakova-Russia

More updates during the next days...


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linda this is all you! very funny sweetie! you should write little articles like this all the time, if for nothing else, then for my personal entertainment :)

noname said...

miss li!!!!!!!!!!!! you freaking crack me up with your news. (and your funny yet somewhat rasist comments ;)))