Thursday, June 12, 2008


It’s over!!
The pyramid is already on a truck and the Blue Hole looks exactly like any other day of the year!

Here’ the result list of today

1 Ingela Karlsson 14mt ok
2 Martin Wikstrom yellow card (early turn)
3 Sofus Kreutzmann 42mt ok
4 Mafalda Oliveira 23mt yellow card (dip mouth)
5 Richard Wonka 28mt ok
6 Jakov Kastelar 30mt ok (hamdulillah!)
7 Angela Ambrosi red card (SP)
8 Ashod Papazian 35mt ok (NR)
9 Robert King 35mt ok (chicken!)
10 Vedrana Vidovic yellow card (early turn)
11 Ben Noble 40mt ok
12 Anna Von Boetticher 40mt ok (NR)
13 Liv Philip 40mt ok
14 Andrea Zuccari 41mt ok
15 Slaven Cubric 45mt ok (NR)
16 Tomo Vrdoljak 45mt ok (NR)
17 Veljano Zanki no start (yalla yalla)
18 Karla Fabrio 47mt ok (NR)
19 Natalia Molchanova 60mt ok (WR)
As for the winners, ladies and gentlemen, i have the pleasure to announce the following:
As for the boys, the winners are:
1st place Robert King 176 points
2nd place Slaven Cubric 156 points
3rd place Sofus Kreutzmann, Andrea Zuccari, Tomo Vrdoljak, all with 145 points (which is awfully bad, because we don't have 3 bronze medals ready!!)
And the girls:
1st Karla Fabrio 165 points
2nd Liv Philip 151 points
3rd Natalia Molchanova 142 points

This one is of the warm up lines, with Natalia during her preparation.
Oh, by the way, i forgot to say she did another world record today! she dove 60 meters CNF, beating Natalia Avseenko record of 3 meters. It looked like a very easy dive (and very long), and again she made a big smile as she broke the surface, as to confirm that she was feeling very fresh.

Unfortunately my camera died the very moment Natalia came up from her dive, but hopefully somebody will send me some pic that i can upload...

This beautiful pic is of Sofus (shot by his sister) (she shot the picture, not her brother) (unfortunately), who promised to marry me and then he showed up with a girlfriend... bad guy, and i forgot to give him the red card! Sorry Ingela, but it's time you know who you're dealing with :-)

Sofus, Ingela and Martin were the first diving today, because they had a flight early in the afternoon, so they had a taxi waiting for them in Blue Hole, jumped in the water, did their dives and jumped in the car with their wetsuits still on (almost).
Ingela did a very impressive dive to 14mt, and she even managed to get the tag! There was a lot of tension during the 2 minutes before OT, but she was very focused, and she did it! Safety Miguelito impressed everybody, since he dove with her the whole way!!
(She's not very fond of CNF, so i guess she just decided to have some fun.)
Martin had his lanyard on his wrist, which appeared to be a bad choice, since it got tangled all around his arm, making the breast strokes almost impossible to perform. He wisely made the decision to turn (which surprised many!) and came up 10 meters too short but clean.
Sofus had the same set up for his lanyard, and it also got tangled during his descent, but he wisely started swimming only with his legs, having the time to fix the lanyard before the turn.

As for the rest of the daily report, i'm now running to the meeting, so i guess i'll find some time later...

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Stuart said...

Linda - it has been great reading your write up of the event as it happens. Even though I am a few thousand miles away, if I close my eyes I can imagine the scenes unfolding every day. Overall it seems like it has been a fantastic competition. Still wish I was there. Stuart