Sunday, June 15, 2008


Hey, i almost forgot about the coolest static competition in the world!

It all happened at the Octopus hotel pool, where 9 worldclass athletes fought for the title of the "dahab' best breath-holder".

Since Natalia didn't compete, not surprisingly Lotta won the comp. She managed a 5.53 with basically no training, which is not so bad.
Here you see her, after her winning performance, together with Liv and George.

On 9 performances, judge Katya and i gave 8 white cards and 1 red.

Here we are, with Natalia being our safety surface camera, since she rescued us after our official camera's battery died :-)

Unfortunately coach George touched Liv before the 30sec window, disqualifying her 5.01 performance

2nd place went to Richard Wonka with 5.27

3rd place to Yuri Shmatko with 5.22

Ben Guyat almost got disqualified for showing the wrong finger (the middle finger!!) as an ok sign.

After the competition everybody went for breakfast, or so they said. I suspect they all went to the alcohol shop to get ready for the closing party :-)

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