Friday, June 13, 2008


This is the Triple Depth headquarter, the Aqua Marina restaurant, where athletes meditate, stretch, get dressed and undressed, eat their egyptian breakfast (if Ibrahim remembers), fall in love (not very often), get tanned, feed the cats, and admire the cool snorkelers walking up and down with their fins on, stumbling on them, except the more advanced ones, who walk backwards, stumbling anyways, and all looking like a less evolved species of penguins.

National records of today were for:

-German Anna, who luckily made it to 40 without swallowing.

-Egyptian Ashod (35mt), who came up with a new goggle style. He did his whole dive with his goggles parked on his forehead. His excuse was that it was too dark with them on… (I really think he just didn’t want to admit that he completely forgot to put them on, like yesterday with his snorkel :-)

-Croatian Karla, who with a very original style (which has much to be improved) did a easy 47 mt dive and came up looking as pink as a rose (as we say in Italy).

-Croatian Slaven, who did a 43mt dive and new NR, broke few minutes after by Tomo who topped it with 2 meters.

These Croatians did so many NR these days they almost got boring. Jakov is the only entertaining one. Even if today he impressed all of us with a penalty-free performance! The judges were very happy to finally give him a white card!
Croatian Vedrana decided to turn half way down, and I do understand that she’s getting quite tired of setting national records just to lose them a hour later :-)

Poor Portuguese Mafalda has been sick ever since she arrived in Dahab, and finally today she felt a little bit better and tried a dive. She wasn’t as well as she thought, obviously, because she didn’t have a very easy exit. Had a samba, and dipped her mouth in the water before she could manage the SP.

Liv did a beautiful 40mt dive and came up happy and smiling. At this very moment she’s sitting here in the El Salam restaurant (second favourite restaurant of the TD athletes), having some dodgy conversation (too dodgy to report here) about Natalia Molchanova pee, which she’s supposed to bring back with her to UK and send it to the lab in Germany… yes, yes, that Liv, the polite and shy one! (I’m awfully shocked!)

American Rob of course did a very clean and very easy dive. On the other hand he announced 35 meters…the chicken. Obviously he was aiming to secure for himself the 1st place and win TD 2008.

Here's another beautiful pic from Nanna. It's of the laziest of the athletes, Ben Guyat. During the whole comp he showed up only for CWT. And he doesn't have any yalla yalla excuses (dodgy belly). I think that he spent too much time in Egypt, and got transmitted some egyptian genes into his DNA.

Italian Andrea (yes, the one that pretends to be Swiss) felt very lazy and announced 10 mt less than his own Swiss NR, but that was enough to secure him the 3rd place in the overall points.

As for Aussie Ben, I’d like to say to his mum not to worry, and that whatever happened with the safety divers is in the past, and that everybody loves him and that he’s still alive and happy and well fed :-)

Here's a pic of Natalia during her final preparation just before her final countdown. And yes, believe it or not, the one on the right is a woman wearing a PINK tailormade wetsuit, and if you could zoom in you would also see that she has a personalized mask with strass on the frame...Sorry, I'm not going to comment on that one.

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Sam said...

thanks Linda for these fantastic blogs - you are a great writer and it really feels like being there. I know it's hard work to get home and write at the end of a long day judging/organising - so a MASSIVE thank you from those of us living vicariously