Sunday, June 15, 2008


Yes, the party was 2 days ago, and i'm late with the updating, but we were all comatose yesterday, especially me, and i only woke up at 7pm...
I didn't do anything special to be so wasted, (or i should say that i don't remember having dome anything special...) It's just the advancing age, and i think last time i partied until late i was still in my teens...

Anyways, Dean had my camera, and was supposed to take pictures of the ceremony with medals and the rest, but he got severely confused by the events and didn’t take any. So, the only pics I have of the party are the drunken ones (which I think everybody agree being the most interesting ones anyways).

Here you find some:
Me and the winner Rob the King

Lotta dragging people on the dancefloor

Liv and George with the drunk camera crew

Lotta had a lot of fun. She also got electrocuted when she got out of the pool and stepped on some electric spot. Apparently she found it very funny, and kept stepping on it just to get extra buzzes. Last night Ben (Guyat) was imitating her over dinner and I almost died laughing!

Richard has been photographed dancing wildly with Lotta, and several people jumped in the pool several times. They tried to throw me in the pool, but without success.

Lots of people have been telling me funny things that I did or say, but since I don’t remember any of it, I won’t report it here, because what I really think is that they just made it up with the intention of putting some obscure shadows on my stainless reputation :-)

As you can see from this one together with my italian posse, i look fresh and in control!

This is safety Marco after he finally managed to kiss the russian girl that apparently every guy is dreaming of (the same one with the pink wetsuit). He definitely looks happy enough. Paoletta the girlfriend seems not to mind Marco running after every decent looking girl, probably because she knows that unlike all other italian men, Marco talks a lot and does nothing.

Richard and Patrick being very happy

This one is for Ben's mum, just to prove that he's still alive and doing well. Don't worry Mrs. Noble, we're taking good care of Ben, and hopefully after the instructor course he will lose a couple of pounds :-)
If anybody has some good pics, please send them to me :-)

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