Wednesday, June 11, 2008



So, it’s 3pm and I just got back from Blue Hole.
Here you find the result list of today:

1 Ingela Karlsson 33mt ok
2 Jakov Kastelar 41mt yellow card
3 Georgina Miller 43mt ok
4 Rahel Zemoi 50mt red card
5 Tomo Vrdoljak 50mt ok
6 Olga Suryakova 50mt ok
7 Angela Ambrosi 50mt ok
8 Richard Wonka 51mt ok
9 Andrea Zuccari 52mt ok
10 Ben Noble 53mt ok
11 Vedrana Vidovic 55mt ok (NR)
12 Anna Von Boetticher 50mt yellow card (early turn)
13 Liv Philip 57mt ok
14 Martin Wikstrom 57mt ok
15 Yuri Shmatko 58mt ok
16 Karla Fabrio 61mt ok (NR)
17 Slaven Cubric 63mt ok
18 Sofus Kreutzmann 60mt yellow card (early turn)
19 Ashod Papazian red card
20 Ben Guyat 67 mt ok
21 Robert King 72mt ok
22 Veljano Zanki 80mt ok (NR)

Thinking of all the dives i’ve seen today, the first thought that comes to my head is: how difficult can be to do a duck dive?

On the platform poor Dean and Katya (and especially the surface camera) have been splashed and showered quite regularly every 8 minutes.
Twice I risked to be decapitated (or at least severely injured) by a monofin, but luckily I saw it coming and moved away, and the blade missed me of just few centimeters.

So, next year we’re planning to have a one day “duck diving course” before Triple Depth, which hopefully will benefit the athletes diving and especially will preserve our lives :-)

Today was again very windy so not many snorkelers were out there. The few that attempted an invasion were kept away by Vedrana, who took the charge of the surface patrol :-)

Natalia Molchanova wasn’t diving today; our spies reported that she’s resting for tomorrow big dive.

By the way, some people are wondering why Sara Campbell is not competing this year. She is in the UK now, taking care of some personal stuff. We hope things will be sorted soon, and that she’s back in the water soon :-)

Today, again, no black outs. Judge Lotta is becoming very restless; 2 days in the comp and she didn’t kiss anybody yet!!

Like yesterday we had only 2 LMC (Swedish Martin and Russian Yuri). Which is a shame, because is well known that sambas and black outs are all people want to see in a comp;-)
In any case, they did the SP in time and both got white cards.

Andrea (he’s Italian, but pretends to be Swiss) will get the medal for the quickest dive: 52mt in 1.09. I think he was showing off for his photographer, with the result that he was so quick that she missed him and didn’t take any picture of him :-)

Jakov will get a medal for the one that collects more penalties. Also today he did an early start, plus grabbing at the start, and grabbing at the end.
It’s funny to see how some people go to a competition ignoring completely the little rules that cost them red cards and minus points.
Rules are on the internet, so please, download them, read them, and ask questions to the judges when you don’t understand something!!
(some judges might not know the answer, but at least you tried:-)

6 national records were announced today, but only 3 were successful, and all of them are Croatian! You will think: how’s that possible? male, one female, and what else?
Like yesterday, Vedrana does a record dive, and short after Karla adds few meters on top of it. So Vedrana today had her record for a whole one and a half hour :-)
As for the guys, Veljano did an 80 meters dive, beating his own NR of 4 meters (if I remember correctly)

Rahel got confused and forgot to put her noseclip on. She realized when she was about to duck dive, and she managed not to touch the water and to put it on before the 30 seconds window, but then she turned very early. It was definitely not an ideal start to attempt a pb.

Anna as usual swallowed her mouthfill, missing the chance to add one meter on her German record. It’s still her record anyways, and she didn’t seem to be upset.

Ashod was trying a 65 meters and had problem equalizing. The funny thing is that he dove with his snorkel in his mouth, forgetting completely to leave it on the surface :-)

Judge Lotta was in the water wearing a pink cowboy hat on top of her metallic blue suit, not looking very fashionable at all. Hopefully some kind soul will send me a pic of that, so I can post it here.
I’m planning to wear my Chanel hat tomorrow, and I’m sure I’ll look much more posh than her :-)(apparently Italians have the fashionable cells in their DNA)
Katya (despite being Ukrainian) has very good taste, and was wearing a big black hat with charm and elegance.

Marco the Rasta safety diver (many of you will remember him in Sharm during the WC) is getting very easily distracted but the bikinis swimming around the competition area, sometimes forgetting it’s his turn to do the safety. Tomorrow we are going to have somebody patrolling the area and forbidding all the half decent looking girls to enter the water during the deep dives :-)

Tomorrow is CNF.
Stay tuned for the updates and the final results.


Stuart said...

Checking out the results is much better than even pretending to do work. Tob job everyone. Still wish I was there. Stuart.

Sergiu Dragos said...

If i cannot be there, at least i can read Linda's witty accounts. You gotta write a novel or at least your memoires, gal :)