Thursday, September 4, 2008


As usual, things happen, and I’m always late with the updates.
Fact is, I’ve been so busy enjoying myself that I forgot all about my plan of keeping a daily diary on the blog.

The first person I met when I arrived was Guillaume, who finally found out and read my abusive pages about French people on July’s blog, and thought of avenging his fellow countrymen honour by disgracing the Italian population. He threatened me to write an article and reveal some of the things he is witnessing during his stay here in Sharm. Very embarrassing things. And to take pictures to prove them.
If you’ve ever been in a holiday resort for Italians (such as the one we are staying here during WC) you will know immediately which embarrassing things I’m talking about.
Anyways, I thought that was the brightest idea a Frenchman has ever had. I begged him to do that, and promised I’ll post it myself here on this blog.
He said he would work on it, so I’m waiting.

here's a pic of Guillaume with Gianpiero, the shortest safety diver in the world.

This year, the biggest change for me is that I’m here not as a competing athlete, but as a member of the safety team. And it’s being such a blast, that I decided this is all I want to do in a competition from now on.
When I’ve been competing I was always super stressed. When I’ve been judging I was often very bored. But being here as safety is just very funky.

First you get to see every single dive.
You get to see all the black outs and sambas.
If you are lucky you even get to kiss the unconscious good looking freedivers (the ugly ones I leave for the second safety)

Other minor advantages include:
-working on your lactic acid tolerance when you come back from 30 meters with bifins trying to keep up with Ryuzo or Guillaume
-get to congratulate first with every diver (especially the good looking ones)
-kick all the intruders out of the official zone (makes the safety diver feel powerful and important)
-wear the beautiful lycra t-shirt that Marco and Ricky designed for the safety staff
-not having judge Bill checking your lanyard (and invariably breaking it) the night before your dive
-getting to look at the hot Tec diver (the fit one) sitting on the boat edge all morning (waiting to dive in case of a deep accident)
-not having to pay attention during the boring meetings when everybody ask the same questions every single time (and every single year!)

here some pics of the meeting, with various people falling alseep or looking totally stoned

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages.
At the moment, the only one I can come up with is to float in the sea for 5 hours a day with such a rough weather that you risk banging your head against the platform and die.
But then again, it was very funny when the platforms were swinging so wildly under the staff ass to the point several of them fell. My favourite falls were Judge Bill, and rope boy rasta Marco.

here a pic of the safety team 2008

and here one where Ricky is showing his skills as a sinchronized swimmer...he was even wearing waterproof make up, but unfortunately you cannot see it here

The Italian spinsters’ team (of which I am an honourable member) had a votation today to decide who is the hottest Freediver of this year. (Other members being Angela, Silvia-better known as Pina-, plus a married one, Sara and a wannabe spinster, Paoletta)

We came up with two names, Swedish Johan and Slovak Juraj.
I will take pictures of the two and post them here.
If somebody want to file a protest you have 15 minutes.

i just got the team results after the CWT.
1.France, with 260 points
-Nery 98
-Maldame 85
-Bourchis 80

2.Greece, with 257 points
-Giankos 100
-Chatziaslan 85
-Tzaveraliz 72

3.Chzek Republic, with 247 points
-Stepanek 100
-Zlatuska 75
-Vala 72

1.Russia, with 205 points
-Molchanova 85
-Suryakova 55
-Avseenko 65

2.Japan, with 183 points
-Matsumoto 60
-Hirai 63
-Kitahama 60

3.USA, with 171 points
-Wilson 57
-Edwards 60
-Russell 53

I'm afraid for today this will be it. Tomorrow is a day off, so i hope i'll have some time to write some gossip :-)

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