Friday, February 27, 2009



finally some pictures of the 2009 FDD collection. check out the freediving celebs that posed as models for the shots.

here you see alexey molchanov, young raising star, almost a local in dahab, doing very little training and always hanging out with the girlfriend. it was actually very hard to convince him to wear the jumper, since he's well known for his bare chest style, even in the winter.

here you see lotta and akim. oh, don't they look sweet? no, don't worry, lotta is not crying (for once!). akim is wearing the same jumper that you saw on alexey (after we sprayed some deodorant on it), while lotta is wearing the 3/4 sleeve also available in orange, and with the triple depth logo on the back.

here pim vermuelen in red, sporting the triple depth t shirts male cut. i tried to convince him to wear the female cut, to which he agreed to, but it was too short and showed too much belly, which didn't look too bad, but he felt it undermined his masculinity.

here lotta and akim again. these 2 look like they love each other. i told lotta that she can be cheesy only in her half of the shop, and obviously she's taking every chance she gets. however, akim is wearing the new unisex black jumper with the light blue logo (my favorite), while lotta is wearing the long sleeve red polo female cut.

and finally me, in a "keep it simple" long sleeve shirt (from a notanx original design) (no, we didn't steal it, we have an agreement with notanx!), and matching indian style pants, available in many colors and fabrics, ideal for yoga, fashion events, and to cover extra winter fat.

oh, i almost forgot. soon the male FDD g-strings will be ready. david tranfield insisted that he wants to be the one posing in them for the official picture. soon you can admire his hairy butt here.

below more pics of the shop.
first the cheesy side (lotta's half).
lotta has been nominated "theofficebitch" by the majority of the partners, which is true, they are only 2, but my vote counts more than hers. that means she does all the boring paperwok, takes care of the shop and eats lot of cheese cake from the close-by german bakery while the real freedivers are in the water.

here you see the original pagallina design of shelves and ropes. that took a lot of work, and swearing, but i'm happy with the result.

here's the monofin wall. you can try the fins in the water, see which size and stiffness is best of you, and we can order for you what you like.
oh, by the way, we can also help you order your elios suit. we have a wide range of neoprene samples, and linda is taking all the measurements you need to order your tailor made suit, especially if you are a single, good looking guy. please wear your best underwear, and have a shower before.

now the other side, linda's half, where the real stuff is taking place (including the measurements).
cheesiness is forbidden here.

this is where the old monofins retire and spend the last years of their lives, remembering the old, wet days. and here more retired fins.

the coffee area.
students get their caffeine shot before the dry breath-hold session. soon we'll have the shisha corner here, to train a better CO2 tolerance.
since this happens to be in my half, lotta has to pay when she wants a hot drink.

the classroom. it does actually look too comfortable. is that the reason why students tend to fall asleep all the time? i'm going to replace the mattresses with wooden planks with rusty nails sticking out.


yes! we moved, again!

we like changes, otherwise we would be sitting in italy or sweden in a boring office, looking at clouds and fog.

so, this time is a real shop. it took us two months to put it together and to arrange things the way we wanted, not only because we were busy diving, but especially we were busy having fun :-)
(in the specific, lotta did a lot of drinking and socializing, while linda did a bit of drinking too, and a lot of running in the desert, and some desert trips with her new funky enduro bike. and i never fell! yet!)

however, here you can see some pics. didn't have the time to clean properly around, but it will be shiny and polished in a couple of days.

the funky purple bike in front is my baby:-)

we spent days to build the sun shade. and we grew new muscles handling the ton of rope that went on top!

in order to attract the customers, we decided that for the first month Lotta will be posing naked in the window, every morning except on Fridays, since we have a big mosque in front, and we don't want to steal their customers :-


noname said...

so who's the hottie? or is he hot or just takes good pics?
and cool you have a bike, i cant wait to ride it!! lol.
i learnt this year and i fricking love it!!! getting a royal enfield meself:)

Mirna said...

No, it's not just the picture, it's him. He's hot.

Linda said...

are you people talking about akim?

noname said...

yes, its the akim dude i mean. he is hot then. single? funny? smart?
he and lotta seem to be having an affair though, so not sure about the whole thing... but i might throw myself at him anyway..

Linda said...

sweetie, he's a kid!!!20soemthing!!!lotta is being his mother, and i'm his big sister (i don't do motherly stuff as you know)