Tuesday, July 29, 2008


A French friend of mine (yeah, I know what you think, but he doesn’t speak English, so he doesn’t know anything about my francophobia) just sent me this article that appeared a couple of weeks ago on this French gossip magazine, “la gazette Nicoise”.

I am personally very ashamed for its content, but I do feel that the world needs to know, and for this reason I translated and you can find it here below.

“Last week many VIP’s were spotted in our beautiful French riviera. At the same time when Angelina and Brad were giving birth to their 25th and 26th children right here in Nice, two VIP’s of the freediving scene, Lotta Ericson and Francois Gautier, were photographed by some paparazzi while strolling in the romantic alleys of Antibes, a place where several secret love affairs are consumed every summer.

Below you can see the two walking casually beside each other pretending to be friends.

But as soon as they think nobody is watching, Lotta slips a cheeky hand on Francois’ behind.

And here you see the clandestine couple trying to hide from the cameras, as they step out of a romantic little hotel.

And then they get caught in the car, while he’s smelling her underwear!!! (Gosh, underage people, please, cover your innocent eyes!)

Francois lives in Nice since long time, and he was the organizer of the world record event of French freediver Guillaume Nery. Lotta was in Nice for the same event, being the nominated judge together with Linda Paganelli.

Did the two just met there, or they had an affair since long time and this was just one of their many clandestine meetings?

We contacted Paganelli and asked her if she knows anything about the sordid affair.

“I know nothing” she said, “every day Ericson would lock me in our hotel room and order me to scrub the floor, do her laundry and the emailing, and she wouldn’t tell me where she was going. I did notice the underwear disappearance though. Once she forgot the door open, and I escaped and went to the Irish Pub to have a break, and when she found me she slapped me just like Naomi Campbell did with her maid. I felt so very much like poor Cinderella and i cried a lot.”

This episode casts a new light on Ericson, known by many as a selfless and loving wife and mother of one. And the poor Paganelli girl surely doesn’t deserve all this abuse from her business partner.

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